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Win a Samsung Galaxy S9

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Win a Samsung Galaxy S9




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Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

The feature I admire most is the security features, Samsung Knox, McAfee Protection and secure folder provide a great focus on data safety and protection.

Level 20: Director

That's easy....


The Samsung S9 AR emoji stickers; that has added fun to a mobile.




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I would have to go the Super Slow-mo camera because everything is funnier is slow-mo and now it's gonna be hilarious.

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I'd love to win the S9 and have fun with the slow-mo camera, among other things...😊

Level 1: Cadet

Would love to win the samsung s9 so I can slow mo my life down

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My fave feature on the s9 is the fact that the home screen rotates aswell & it's just a damn gorgeous phone 😍

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The fact Samsung still have a headphone jack on their Galaxy S series is pretty rad

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The live translation feature is unreal as we do a fair bit of travelling. And my wife loves that it is still water resistant. 

When “travelling” we stopped at a fountain and sat on the edge, my wife very whitty said “oh look someone’s phone has fallen into the fountain”

as I glanced over I said geez that looks like your phone. The wife reaches into her pocket and has a blank look on her face followed by a look of fear....priceless (well actually not because we had to buy her a new phone)

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Daaamn! I met your mother, S8. I can see where you get that sexy curved screen from...

Level 22: Superhuman
Level 22: Superhuman

The Samsung S9 feature I like the most is the Infinity Display, together with Full HD+ screen resolution setting gives a brilliantly clear viewing experience