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Win a Samsung Galaxy S9

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Win a Samsung Galaxy S9

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Enter Now and You Could Win The Latest Samsung Galaxy S9

All you have to do is tell us in 25 words or less, what feature of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 you like most and why. Select comment below to post your entry response.


Our already registered CrowdSupport members can also enter. Simply answer the entry question and you’re in the draw!


Good luck!


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Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

The feature I admire most is the security features, Samsung Knox, McAfee Protection and secure folder provide a great focus on data safety and protection.

Level 16: Secret Agent

That's easy....


The Samsung S9 AR emoji stickers; that has added fun to a mobile.




Just Registered

I would have to go the Super Slow-mo camera because everything is funnier is slow-mo and now it's gonna be hilarious.

Just Registered

I'd love to win the S9 and have fun with the slow-mo camera, among other things...😊

Level 1: Cadet

Would love to win the samsung s9 so I can slow mo my life down

Just Registered

My fave feature on the s9 is the fact that the home screen rotates aswell & it's just a damn gorgeous phone 😍

Just Registered

The fact Samsung still have a headphone jack on their Galaxy S series is pretty rad

Just Registered

The live translation feature is unreal as we do a fair bit of travelling. And my wife loves that it is still water resistant. 

When “travelling” we stopped at a fountain and sat on the edge, my wife very whitty said “oh look someone’s phone has fallen into the fountain”

as I glanced over I said geez that looks like your phone. The wife reaches into her pocket and has a blank look on her face followed by a look of fear....priceless (well actually not because we had to buy her a new phone)

Just Registered

Daaamn! I met your mother, S8. I can see where you get that sexy curved screen from...

Level 22: Superhuman
Level 22: Superhuman

The Samsung S9 feature I like the most is the Infinity Display, together with Full HD+ screen resolution setting gives a brilliantly clear viewing experience