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Your new Telstra Pre-Paid Extra plan

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Telstra Pre-Paid Extra® is Telstra’s best value Pre-Paid plan, with loads of data and credit with a 28 day expiry. With a Telstra Pre-Paid Extra plan, you’ll also get Data Bank, a new feature that lets you save up to 100GB of your unused data inclusion, when you recharge $30+ before expiry!


If you are currently on a Telstra Pre-Paid Plus or Telstra Freedom Plus plan and you have received an SMS stating we will automatically move you to Telstra Pre-Paid Extra, you will be moved automatically unless you choose to move yourself. Once you have been moved we will SMS you with confirmation that you are on the new plan.


Why you’ll love your new Telstra Pre-Paid Extra Plan

-              Coverage on Australia’s best mobile network

-              Loads of data to use within Australia

-              Data Bank to store your unused data inclusions

-              Unlimited Talk & Text to standard numbers within Australia

-              Unlimited calls to standard international numbers in 10 selected destinations. 

Find out more about eligible international destinations here.


Don’t worry, any remaining recharge value and/or expiry dates currently on your account will carry over to your Telstra Pre-Paid Extra plan. For example, if you recharged $30 with 28 day expiry, this will move over replicating the remaining credit and days of expiry.


So, what’s new?

  • Data bank, so you can save up to 100GB of your unused data inclusions, when you recharge $30+ before expiry. Active recharge required to access.
  • Increased data inclusions across all recharge amounts
  • 10GB Data Bank bonus on your first three recharges. First recharge by 29 October 2018, next two within 60 days. For new Telstra Pre-Paid Extra customers only.

What’s next?

You don’t have to do a thing – we’ll seamlessly transfer you to Telstra Pre-Paid Extra, and let you know when your account has been transferred.


Find out more about Telstra Pre-Paid Extra.

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Level 1: Cadet

My previous Prepaid plan had an amount for international calling. Now I don't have that plan any more and my international calls to Namibia is costing me extra money whereas previously was included in my plan. The reason I resisted moving to a new plan was precisely for that reason, it has no benefit to me. 

I think I shall find another company as I am not happy about this.