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Telstra Dave phone

Has anyone tried the new Telstra Dave mobile phone yet. Just wondering if it is as tough and rugged as they say it is before I upgrade from the old Telstra tough 2.

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Re: Telstra Dave phone

Yes, it is much better than the tough 2. It is great because its a true android smartphone with heaps of protection around it, you should find it easy and safe to use.
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Re: Telstra Dave phone

On My experience, I wouldn't recommend it. There are some significant issues that we experienced in a limited rollout of  10 of these devices


- Bluetooth randomly disables itself. This could be some unknown gesture or shortcut but so far it's a mystery. (3/10 users)

- Bluetooth audio disappears during calls. Hard reset of the phone is required to restore.  (6/10 users)


Reception quality seems to be a long way down on comparible devices (HTC one xl, apple iphone, Nokia 625 (2/10 users)


Voice dialling is almost non existant - the unit barely even registers that you are speaking to it, and when it does, it is not good at detecting voice input. (10/10 users). Integration between carkit and voice dialling seems impossible. Voicedialling is an app that must be started from the phone.

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Re: Telstra Dave phone

Have had four Dave's in 12 months for my tradie staff. 3 cracked screens. Calls drop out. Bluetooth/handsfree quality extremely poor. Just handed four Daves back to Telstra still on contract and am purchasing Samsung outright from Kogan.com