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HTC HD7: Get media content now

Hi there.


I have received an MMS message on my Telstra HTC HD7. The hyperlink reads, "Get media content now.". When I click on the message nothing happens.


How do I open MMS messages on the HTC HD7? I have checked on the internet it appears that this is a widespread issue. Unfortunately none of the recommendations on various forums worked e.g. typing in APN settings.


Does the HTC HD7 support MMS on the Telstra network or not?

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Re: HTC HD7: Get media content now

I don't see why it wouldn't, you have set the MMS APN and restarted your phone afterwards?




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Re: HTC HD7: Get media content now

The fix used to be: "From the Marketplace, search for HTC Connection Setup. Install, Open and follow the prompts for Telstra."


Can you let us know if this still works please Smiley Happy

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Re: HTC HD7: Get media content now

I think it's a case of waiting for the release of the Mango Commercial Refresh 3 software update, currently in testing according to aTelstra website. I am amazed that in this day and age a smartphone would be released that couldn't support MMS (my HD7 is a work phone so I didn't get to choose the handset).


From a Vodafone website:


What’s included in the update?

Email, messaging and data

  • Audio and video attachments in MMS
  • MMS automatic delivery
  • MMS delivery confirmation
  • MMS receipt acknowledgement
  • Switch from SMS to MMS for long messages
  • Third-party social networks
  • Emails addresses without subject lines
  • SIM contacts
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Re: HTC HD7: Get media content now

I was hoping that MMS support would be enabled after the last update (OS version: 7.10.8773.98  Firmware revision number: 2250.21.51201.841) but alas no.


The APN SETTINGS under Settings ->mobile network -> add apn are limited to: APN, Username, Password, Proxy server/URL and Proxy port.


MMS support on a Telstra HTC HD7 is still a dead duck.