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Over the past year the CrowdSupport Community Managers have been running a private group for our CrowdSupport Leaders. This group, which now consists of 11 influential members, was setup to give our most active members a private area to collaborate and discuss how we can better assist customers over CrowdSupport.


Over the next 12 months the program is being extended and we will be adding/accepting new members every few months. To that end I would like to welcome/invite two new members to the CrowdSupport Leaders group;


@Hunter-IT and @Yastiandrie


What are the benefits of becoming a CrowdSupport Leader?

  • Direct line to Community Managers As a member of the CrowdSupport Leader Group you will gain a direct line to the Community Managers, which you can use to provide feedback on issues you are experiencing on the community or provide suggestions on areas of improvement.
  • First impressions or feedback on upcoming changes This year we are planning to refresh the community with some new features and also a redesign of the community user interface. We will provide you with information prior to these changes on what works and what needs improvement before we go live.
  • Priority for Device Insider We regularly conduct device reviews for new internet devices or mobile handsets. Users selected to participate will be given the device to review, sometimes a top of the line Smartphone, which is theirs to keep once the review period is over. Priority is given to our CrowdSupport Leader group to participate in these programs.
  • Discuss best practice with fellow influentual members of the community Being a top user on a forum can sometimes be difficult, this area is a place where you can have a general discussion with your peers. You can seek advice on how to handle a situation or even discuss what the most appropriate response to a certain enquiry might be.
  • Gain special privledges not available to other members Members of the group are given access to publish and edit Community Wiki articles at their leisure and will shortly be given the ability to have content published in the CrowdSupport News Feed as a guest blogger. Some of these articles will also be shared on Telstra’s Twitter and Facebook pages.


Where do I sign up / How do I join?

The CrowdSupport Leader group is by invitation only so you cannot request membership. To be considered all you need to do is participate in CrowdSupport. Our existing leaders will nominate members who they think make the cut but ultimately the most helpful and frequent users will be invited to participate in our Community Leader group.

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