Five Fun Filled Years of CrowdSupport

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This week, CrowdSupport celebrates its 5th Birthday! That is right, we are 5 years old and ready to start school Smiley Tongue


What a huge milestone for our Community Management team, our members, long standing community leaders and all of our visitors everyday who use and rely on the incredible wealth of information that CrowdSupport has housed over this time.


We built CrowdSupport to be a place where Telstra customers could ask questions and share information about Telstra products, services or related topics. The overall goal to make finding solutions to commonly asked questions easier, getting updated information from Telstra and for members to share their own advice, hints and tips to others.


From small beginnings, we have grown to the bustling forum that you know and love.




Thanks to Our Members

CrowdSupport would not be what it is if it was not for our community members, especially our amazing team of Super Users! Community members who have dedicated a lot of time and energy in keeping our customers updated, providing advice, pointing them in the direction for self-help guides and just generally helpful.


Below are the top 20 members for all of the past 5 years that are still active today. As a special thank you each of our top 10 will be receiving a goody bag from the Community Managers. Each bag will contain an assortment of Telstra merchandise and a special gift. The gifts are all devices of some stripe, because we love tech, and for our top member of all time @DEANJA it will be a brand new mobile handset.


Special call out to @Yastiandrie who has only been a member since the beginning of the year but has already hit the top 10. What a guy!


Rank Registration Date Member
1 3/04/2012 DEANJA
2 9/06/2014 DrQwerty90
3 30/06/2011 Kalak
4 2/12/2012 Caaf
5 1/07/2011 Wanglese
6 7/09/2012 Jupiter
7 15/01/2016 Yastiandrie
8 11/11/2012 GlennL
9 3/06/2015 Smiley3
10 25/08/2012 Yeldarb
11 2/08/2014 extendo
12 16/01/2012 Luvs_footie
13 28/10/2015 Jagaf
14 6/08/2011 pedah
15 1/07/2011 Juzman
16 8/03/2014 TheWanderer38
17 8/07/2011 wpdownunder
18 11/06/2014 datalore777
19 14/12/2013 auxr6
20 14/01/2013 DuckDodgers


Where to from here?
While our community has fantastic knowledge in all of our products and services, and a willingness to help others out we can’t just sit still. Over the next 12 months we want to; provide a platform for user reviews, publish loads more blogs in our News Feed, open up guest blogs, redesign our community and more.

Thanks again for everyone who has participated in and made CrowdSupport one of the largest Australian forums.

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Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

Go @Yastiandrie - that is an awesome effort


Great job on 5 years for the community and the team Smiley Very Happy 


Level 17: Bureau Chief

Well done guys! Sucks that I didn't make the top 10! :'(

Level 22: Superhuman
Level 22: Superhuman

Happy 5th Birthday CrowdSupport Smiley Happy


Congratulations to all the members who were mentioned in the top 20, and also to the members who weren't mentioned. 

Great job done by all.


It's been nearly 15 month's since I joined CrowdSupport, and over this time I have enjoyed helping customers wherever I can with their questions. 


I have also learnt a few things from the other members answers too.


@Yastiandrie, great effort 

Level 21: Augmented

Well done peoples  Smiley Very Happy

Level 23: Superhero

Well there you go .....


Dan's 5 years old and he still doesn't look a day over  ... well better not go there...


Ooops, it's CS's birthday, told the wifey I need new glasses ....


Certainly has been an interesting ride with some interesting people, characters and problems.


Whilst I personally haven't had as much time in more recent times to devote to CS, I certainly keep abreast of what's happening and it's great to see fresh new faces offering fresh opinions and approaches to meeting the needs and the required solutions for those who seek help through the resources of CS.


Certainly the "Old Guard" of CS  I think have made a huge contribution to Telstra and I know that those whom I know and associate with personally away from the pages of CS have derived a lot of satisfaction from hearing when people have found solutions offered have been effective.


There's been a big shift in the Tele-Communications arena during the past 5 years, especially for Telstra, it's staff and customers, and from what I'm observing, the near future will see even more radical changes, so the demand for the services of CS will no doubt be in high demand.


Thanks to all for your friendship, especially Yannick, Dan and the core CS staffers and yea, even those annoying MODS ... Smiley Very Happy  enjoy your cake and fizzy soda pops .... and thanks for the memories and of course the presseys







Level 20: Director

Well done everyone......amazing.


I don't know about anyone else but as well as helping where I can I'm learning as I go as well.


Cheers all.

Level 24: Supreme Being
Level 24: Supreme Being

The call out's well received Smiley Happy


Going to try and use this thread to try and push for a more official presence for Telstra Platinum on here