Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - Reviewed by you

Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

This round of Mobile Insider has come to a close. Our reviewers Anjo and Bill really put these devices through their paces and took us along on the journey. 


To sum up their reviews:


First impressions Both Anjo and Bill loved the look of their handsets as soon as they opened the boxes. Bill and Anjo commented on the clean, premium look and feel of the S6 and S6 edge.


Both our team gave us some helpful tips at this point: Bill let us know that if you have an android device you can transfer most of your data over to the S6 by tapping the two phones together, which worked very well for him. Anjo let us know that the edge uses a nano SIM.


They also answered crowd questions about the packaging, which seems to be biodegradable.


Display They emphasised the colours and the sharpness of the text.


The unboxing showed that the handset comes with

  • Flat-cable stereo headset,
  • MicroUSB charging cable,
  • SIM eject tool and a power adapter
  • Quick startup guide

 anjo unboxing.jpg


Fingerprint scanner Both our Mobile Insiders found the fingerprint scanner worked quite well. In fact, they said it was "almost flawless" and "very reliable."


Plans and Memory There was a crowd question regarding what plan the Mobile Insiders would recommend with these handsets and how much memory would be needed. Here, I'll turn to their own words. 


Anjo: "I would go for the M plan as my average monthly use of data is 1.5GB, and to have that extra 1GB is awesome. I upload a lot of photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat so this is the sweet spot for me. Plus, it's only $4 extra a month from the S Plan where you only get 1GB of data.With the different models of the phone though, keep in mind that these particular phones (S6 and S6E) do not have expandable memory. With the 32GB as a base model, it should be sufficient for casual users. For people who love their media, I'd go for the 64GB or even the 128GB. The operating system already consumes about 10GB of the memory, so it's important to take note of that as well."


Bill “The small plan is really not worth the $4 a month savings; go for M if you are considering this phone. In terms of storage, I definitely recommend you to spend that $4 or $8 a month to get the higher capacity as games and photos can quickly fill up the phone, 32 can be tight for a power user but perfect for casual users who just uses social networks and browse the internet.”


Camera If you look through our Mobile Insiders' photo albums (here and here), you’ll see how well the camera on this handset works. Bill tested the camera in a really wide variety of settings, providing great photos that showed exactly how the camera performed. Anjo took amazing photos with the camera on the edge, for example the one below.





Anjo answered a crowd question and said that heavy camera use did not cause the phone to get hot and Bill pointed out that the large camera bulge did not impact the use of the phone.


Software There was a crowd question about the Samsung version of Lollipop. The Mobile Insiders liked this version, with Anjo saying he’d used the previous version of Android on the S5 and the stock version of it on the Nexus 5. The subtle changes along with the retention of the nice fluid animations and elements of stock lollipop were emphaised here. 


The edge Anjo answered a couple of questions from the crowd since he was the lucky Insider who ended up with the edge handset. He used the people edge for calls, but isn’t much of an smser or caller – if you are, maybe you could consider this phone as this function might suit you. Regarding the tactile experience, Anjo said the phone felt sharp, so if you’re a massive fan of a smooth rounded handset this might bother you. Anjo didn’t rate people edge lighting feature because he was scared that he would scratch the screen when using it – if you’re keen on this feature you might need a screen protector. The edge also makes the clock function visible when main screen is dark. There have been reports that the screen remains dimly lit when using this, but Anjo had no such problem. His photos of the handset certainly show how beautiful the edge is. 




Mobile Insiders, @bill0014 and @AnjoMiranda, one last question: would you recommend the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge to a loved one?


If you'd like to read the tips, detailed pros and cons and see all of the beautiful photos our Mobile Insiders posted, click here


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To purchase one of these handsets for yourself, hit the jump just here for the S6 and here for the S6 Edge.

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Nice review. Feature that I stumbled upon is highlights true multi tasking capability. There quit a few ways you can split the screen the way I found most useful is by holding down the switch windows button and simple menu pops up with all the apps that support split screen. Yes only some apps support being dices up. I dont feel there's a performance hit at all as the phone still is quite snappy. For me this is a bit nicer than using the split windows button on androids app switcher.
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Thanks @FelicityCull!


I'd definitely recommend the S6 and the S6 Edge to loved ones. I've seen how Samsung evolved and improved its products over the years after getting my first one, the Samsung Galaxy SII. I love that Samsung had listened to its customers by improving the build, design and software of its latest flagships. So yep, with this, I highly recommend it!


I can confidently say that the S6/S6 Edge has the best camera among all Android devices. This has been what's keeping a lot of consumers from purchasing Android devices. Apple have always been on top in this category but Samsung managed to keep it on par with its #1 rival. So if camera is important to you, this is the smartphone to get this 2015!


Cheers everyone! Smiley Happy



Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Hey @AshRodan, thanks for that tip! Let us know if you have any others Cat Happy


Thanks @AnjoMiranda, I think your photos proved how well this camera performs Cat Very Happy