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Can a bad sim card drain your battery?

I have an s5 Samsung that was brilliant until it turned 2 years old. The battery started draining quicker so I replaced the battery (3 times). The problem continued until I was charging it twice a day (I don't listen to music on it or play videos or talk for long). I thought it was dodgy batteries as first but then a couple of weeks ago I backed up & reset the phone. The reset gave it a new lease of life & all of a sudden it still had 80% charge at night time after using it all day. But the past few days it started to drain quicker again & today it was 50% by lunch & 15% by 7 PM. Nothing should be different from last week (as in settings, usage, etc) apart from: I noticed the 4G or 3G signal coming and going & the H+ symbol showing up a lot instead and today the network symbol has been flicking on & off like crazy. I just restarted the phone & it now has a solid (1 bar) signal which is not flicking on & off anymore. My work associate had a Galaxy 6 Note that started draining quick after 18 months or so & a reset also fixed his issue but only for about 2 weeks. He gave up & got a new phone. But this has been such a good phone that I want to keep using it if I can find the root cause of its issue.


I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

Could it be a dodgy sim card draining the battery trying to get a signal all the time?

Could the phone itself be faulty & only good for 2 years or so?


Any insight would be appreciated.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Can a bad sim card drain your battery?

A dodgy SIM could cause increased battery usage if it is causing the phone to not stay connected to the network as the background processes involved in reading the SIM and registering to the network would be running far in excess to what they normally would.


Getting a new SIM is very easy if you live near a Telstra Shop, just pop in and they will swap it over right away.


As far as the life of the device goes, if you have replaced the battery, then I would assume everything should operate as normal. The electronics will degrade over time due to heat and oxidation, but this should be a much greater timeframe assuming normal operating conditions.


What I would do is (after waiting for the battery to drop to around 50% or so), go into settings-> battery and see which apps are using the power. It could be that one of them is misbehaving. In a situatiion like the one you are describing, it sounds ike one of the preloaded apps worked fine until an update was applied and then it started running continuously. If you can find it. Force Stop it and charge your phone back up and see what happens.

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