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Can't forward calls after Nougat update

Following the Nougat update to my S7 Edge, I can no longer forward calls. I have forwarded (all) calls every day for most of the last year while I am at work to my work number (as I can't take my mobile phone into work) without a hitch through the call settings. Since Thursday, I have received the error 'Failed to read data. Network or SIM card error' whenever I have tried it. All other functions of the phone seem fine including making and receiving calls.


After a couple of reboots and leaving it for a couple of days thinking it might just be a transient network error, I still get the same message every time I try to forward calls. I contacted Samsung Austyralia who have stated that it's a network or provider issue.


So I contacted Telstra, and after many many attempts to solve the problem (including forwarding by code - which also resulted in the error "Call forwarding unconditionally. for All Basic Services. Connection problem or invalid MMI"), they effectively shrugged their shoulders and said there wasn't anything they could do. I had to ask for the issue to be passed to the technical team, but I'm not hopeful of a response.


Is anyone else whose phone has upgraded to Nougat having this issue? The Telstra people suggested it was my phone or maybe my sim (but didn't really have any idea), but after Samsung's advice and the fact that it's been working perfectly up until the update and is working perfectly in all other respects I am doubtful.


If anyone can shed any light on this I would be very grateful, as this functionality is something I need every work day.

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