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Cannot complete galaxy watch 2 One Number activation

I just bought a Samsung Active 2, with LTE, and have been unable to complete the Telstra One Number activation through the Samsung Gear app. The watch and phone (Galaxy Note 8) are paired through bluetooth and everything works, except when I attempt to set up network connection for the watch I get the following message (see screenshot), note I am not on a prepaid service. I have a post paid service with Telstra.


So far, I've tried:

- re-installing the app several times

- getting a new sim card from Telstra

- pairing the watch with another phone (Galaxy s5) using my sim

- completing all software updates on phone/watch

- restarting both of the devices

I've spent over an hour in the Telstra shop talking to 2 separate technicians, and even more time spent on the Telstra live chat / on the phone. All with zero success.


Can any body please help / have you seen this issue before?

Many thanks.


Screenshot_20191018-171248_Watch Active2 Plugin.jpg

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Re: Cannot complete galaxy watch 2 One Number activation

Not directly answering your question, but I have the LTE version of the GWA2, and have managed to activate the subscription but it doesn't work (i.e can't make phone calls/send messages on standalone). May have something to do with the GWA2 not being listed as a supported device yet - not sure why it would be much different to the Galaxy Watch, but I think this may be the issue 

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