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Conned by That New Phone Feeling?

I should have looked here first because on the reports here I would not have fallen for the cheap advertising about phone upgrades being "so easy" to do and these will give you "a new phone feeling" WRONG. They will give you eternal frustration, make you angry and lead you to draw conclusions about a potential criminal loss of identity and wonderment as to why you even think about staying with Telstra.


MIght be the right time to make a change...


My story begins with the messages sent to me about an upgrade from my plan with a Galaxy s8 plus to a new plan with a Galaxy 10 plus. I am close to expiry of the s8 contract so the generous people at Telstra will waive the contract completion charges but you will still pay for the new phone feeling. Well you will pay but it may not be a new phone feeling that we are discussing.

On 18th March I completed the online request for upgrade to Galaxy s10 plus. As part of this process I had to give out my Drivers Licence number out to Telstra for identification  purposes. It was approved early 19 March and despatch action began the same day through StarTrack. On 20 March my new phone was tracked on its way to Canberra arriving the same day in Fyshwick. But, over the weekend of 23 and 24 March the phone made its way back to Brightstar in Sydney. On Monday 25th March I checked the tracking information at 2:15pm to discover that at 10:29 the phone was onboard with driver for delivery and 43 minutes later at 11:12 was delivered and signed for in Brookvale.

So at 2:18pm that day I begin with Telstra. First I am told to call "Activation". These people seemed to understand my problem but after being on hold for over 40 minutes the system terminated my call. I then rang customer support to express my concern and had the misfortune to have a complaint lodged on my behalf by someone who was helpful. That night I was billed for my new plan with an additional $140 charge for "the new phone feeling".

Complaints handling is a tortuous process. First, no one else other than your "case manager" will tell you anything. Second, when  I dropped by my local Telstra Store they were less than interested - again "we cannot do anything because this is a complaint issue". 

On Monday 1st April my case manager told me that a pending order to provide a new phone to me had been initiated. But, by Thursday 4th April nothing had been heard. That same evening I could not sleep as something was chewing at me. It became the possibility of identity theft. At 2:30am that night I lodged another complaint with Telstra security raising my concerns about the fact that my order had been given to a person unknown but with my full name and address on the packaging as well as the possibility of my Drivers Licence information. I also advised that I was so concerned about this issue that I would make a report the AFP about possible identity theft.

On 5th April at 11:30 my case manager advises that my phone had been incorrectly delivered to another person and it had been returned to the warehouse. I was also told that there was no possibility of my driver's licence information being given to e third party. Also I was advised to go to my nearest Telstra Store to collect my phone (if they have one). I have put a stop on my billing until the phone matter has been resolved.

Now, I am inclined to see the turn of events as an attempt to cover up the key issues. Why are the Telstra salespeople full on about identity but it really does not seem to matter? Why has it taken so long for any information to be given to me when I was onto it so quickly?

My calls to 



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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Conned by That New Phone Feeling?

Hi @Alex1952,


Thanks for reaching out. I can understand your concerns apologise for the experience you've had with your order. Our customers privacy and security are on eof our top priorities and I'm sure that your case manager will be able to assist you. Please let me know how you go. 


- Tim 

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