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Couldn't organize

I admit my bill was overdue straight up my fault. What i do not appreciate is that this app that Telstra are palming off to everyone as the one stop shop is not accurate. My overdue amount in the 24/7 app said $450.16 so that's what i paid 3 days ago. Now apparently in the app an outstanding amount of $73 still remains. then when you contact the call centre over in the middle of bum idaho where labour is cheap, they can't explain it, so you ask for a supervisor and getting pretty **bleep**ty at them. They then put you on hold and cut you off 13mins later so you try again to speak to a supervisor. Apparently the supervisor doesn't deal with people over the phone, I'm sorry. are my funds paying him/her for then. Really what i want to knwo is why cant make how much i owe much up in a simple system. If you app is that **bleep** useless then don't go flogging to everyone.
I swear all you bunch  are about is making more money while not actually having to work. Christ i might just start inventing a call center and online forms so when Telstra want something from me or even money, then you get the same damn run around and never actually tall to someone or get hold of me. Oh wait that's right you'll just cut my service. So does this mean i can not pay you because of your piss poor service, actually i believe it does as under my contract 8f you don't provide me the correct service then you are in fact in breach of contract. Telstra- apparently Australian owned but operated by a bunch of nob jockies from CEO down.

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Re: Couldn't organize a piss up in a pub

Not too bright are you
I am not a Telstra employee, so all opinions are my own, I have been around Telstra products a long time and have a reasonably strong general tech knowledge. .
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Support Team

Re: Couldn't organize

Hi @Crack126


Thanks for you post although I am sorry for any concern caused by the amounts owing or what you've seen via the app. 


If you ever unsure, you're welcome to check your account balance online via My account here 


If a bill isn't paid by the due date, we may restrict services & apply a $15 late payment fee.

Late Payment Fees apply to overdue balances of $70 or more & are applied as a flat $15 fee.

If yourself or anyone you know ever need any additional time to pay, you can do this here 

In some cases, you may be asked to call, especially if a payment arrangement was already in place. 

If you'd like to discuss anything account specific, please speak with us securely online here or by calling 132200.


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