Level 1: Cadet


Personally samsung has to be the no1 brand on the market for affordability and they just keep throwing crazy ideas around like hole punches no one thought it was possible next thing you know it an amazing a ray of pictures came about homers donuts maybe a race car so many things to choose from then you have the crazy camera wide super wide crazy wide all sorts I guess we can't say there officially no1 as much as I want it I can't you all have to make your own opinions but at the end of the day I personally thing samsung has that little bit of everything making it no1 for me and no my mind is already set of samsung you can not change it either no matter how hard you try haha good luck boys, girls, ladies and men no1 in the world oxygen........


P.s the only thing better than samsung is living life to it's fullest please don't complain make the most out of your life's im just in it for the badge quite long if you ask me just for a badge top efforts awarded to the rest of the school for trying so hard 

Brayden McFarlane

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