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No Galaxy Buds With My G S10 Pre Order

Hii all, pre ordered my Galaxy s10 two weeks prior to its release date with the expectation i was going to receive the galaxy buds with them on the day. Called up on the 8th after not hearing from a team member from the Telstra store about when i can go to collect and was told it was still on back order. I finally went in and was able to collect it on the 21st and to my suprise, no Galaxy buds. When i asked why i didnt receive them the team member told me that he had actually made a mistake and didnt submit the pre orders when he was supposed to (explaining why my phone came in late) and due to this i wouldnt be receiving the buds. I understand people make mistakes and thats fair enough, but why should i pay for his mistake. I made sure i went out of my way in the little free time i had to pre order them in store to make sure there was no errors and now im told theres nothing they can do, Does this seem fair? Does anyone have any advice?

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Re: No Galaxy Buds With My G S10 Pre Order

Your receipt will indicate whether the Telstra store is a licensed/franchised store or owned by Telstra. If A Telstra owned store... speak to the senior manager.. not just a shift supervisor. If a licensed store insist on speaking with the licensee.
If you cannot achieve a resolution it seems reasonable to lodge a complaint with Telstra. Below is a link.
A "Like" is always appreciated. If my advice is a solution, please mark it. I'm not a Telstra employee.
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Re: No Galaxy Buds With My G S10 Pre Order

Seams like The Twilight Zone slipped in once they realised they were never going to be able to supply .... your mistakes others and mine are mistakes that should not be made by a so called world class corporation unless the local toddlers in day care were running the show .. the mistakes are very Convenient to say the least

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