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Note 9 and new phone feeling

Hi All, stuck between rock and hard place, purchased note 8 last year in September, soon after its release, however, I am ineligible for preorder using new phone feeling for new note 9 as my device is not yet 12 months old, any ideas?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Note 9 and new phone feeling

Do you have a partner who has a plan that you could preorder it on (and then they can get their new phone when yours comes due). Of course, that only works if you aren't on a Lease plan.
Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: Note 9 and new phone feeling

Thank you for the idea, unfortunately it doesn't apply in my circumstances.
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Re: Note 9 and new phone feeling

Exactly in the same boat as you, getting my Note 8 on September 16 last year when it released with Telstra. I assume most other Note 8 users will be similar too! Prior to this, we got stuffed around by the Note 7.


If the post pre-order deal is not that great ($129 for 60GB/m) I will probably consider selling the Note 8, pre-ordering Note 9 through another supplier, and riding out the 24 month contract to weigh up my options with other providers / BYO mobile later. I seem to have a lot more reception and speed issues on Telstra compared to my wife with Vodafone.


It would be nice if Telstra can offer a waiver deal for customers who are just about to reach 'New Phone Feeling', otherwise this Note 9 could hurt them.

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Re: Note 9 and new phone feeling

I'm in the same boat.  Pre-ordered Note8 last year, but they told me on the weekend I cannot get early upgrade to Note9 due to having to wait out the 12 month condition of the current NFP terms.


They let customers who wanted the iPhoneX get around this when it was released.

Why can't Telstra let Samsung users upgrade early????

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Re: Note 9 and new phone feeling

Oh god, just starting a lease plan on the Note 9 and planning to take advantage of the "New phone feeling" 12 months from now to move the Note 10 on launch.. never thought about this being a problem.

Figured there's a new Note device released every 12 months, new phone feeling is every 12 months, should work out nicely. Now if the launch shifts by a week or two the following year you can get screwed out of all of the pre-order benefits? Damn

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