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WARNING - FAKE Samsung Galaxy Note 4's.

There's an old saying which these days holds weight in the mobile phone market place ..  Ïf It Sounds too Good To Be True .. It Must Be".


We all like a bargain, we all like to save money, however, there's saving money and being caught out.


At the present time there are several reports of FAKE Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phones being offered for sale through several sites including a Gummy-Tree Site and on the Bay.


The devices look the real deal and at first glance the average person would be fooled however close inspection will show that the Flash on the rear of the unit is not the same as on the genuine; The camera lacks selective focus and the ability to download more camera modes and there is no option to change screen sensitivity on them, also the Samsung branding etc. on the rear of the device is NOT the same as for the genuine device.


On first inspection the device shows that it is running Kit Kat 4.4.4 but the build numbers on the devices are fake! The boot screens are not as per the real deal and the IMEI numbers for the units are fake.


Further the ram on these FAKES is 1g instead of 3G and the internal storage is 16g rather than 32g.


For the sake of saving approx $50 they certainly aren't worth it.....


Just a heads up, buy from a recognised retailer or telecommunications company.



The one on the left is the counterfeit. Notice the difference in screen vibrancy and the 'back' and 'recent tabs' buttons are not lit on the counterfeit.








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