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Where is the note 10 + 5g

I called today to ask when I will receive my phone as I went in to the store on friday to be told "you ordered the wrong color and we dont have any stock". I ordered mine on the 15 of August and they said they still had 350+ phone to allocate. Where are they then? I was told on the phone that the phones are stuck in Hong Kong (when are you going to tell us this or is it a lie) and will be about a month until we get them. WHAT! A MONTH? Why pre order then? When I went in to the store the manager wasn't even sorry that they didn't have stock. No care for the customer at all. I have had so much trouble with telstra I don't know why I even started this contract with them.


I see they had the same trouble with the note 9 pre release. Seems to be that they couldn't organize a piss up in a brewery!


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