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Changes to some of our Mobile Plans

What is changing?

From 26 August 2019, we intend to move your mobile service to our Mobile Plan Extra Small $40.


Mobile Plan


Monthly Charge

Non-shared Data Allowance


Call inclusions

Mobile Plan Extra Small



No excess data charges in Australia*

Month to month


Talk, text & MMS in Australia to standard Australian numbers

MessageBank and MessageBank  Plus


What do I need to do?

If you’re happy to move to the new plan, you don’t need to do anything; your service will automatically be moved to the new plan after 26 August 2019.


If you don’t want to move to the new plan, you can change plans or cancel your service at any time without cancellation fees.


Please contact us on 13 22 00 if you would like to discuss your options.


How does this affect my service?

Your plan will change, including your monthly charge, and you’ll get the new call, SMS and data allowance outlined in your notification. For more information on your new Mobile Plan Extra Small $40 see here 


What other mobile plans do you offer?

For more information on our current mobile plans, visit our online store or your nearest Telstra Store.



Additional FAQs:


When will the plan change happen?

The plan changes will take effect from 26 August 2019.


How do I know what plan I’m on?

Just check your most recent Telstra bill. The name of the plan will be listed against each service.


What are my options if I don’t want to change plans?

If you don’t want to move to the new plan, you can change plans or cancel your service at any time without cancellation fees. We have other great plans that may suit your needs and help ensure you get the best value. For more information on our current mobile plans, visit our online store or your nearest Telstra Store.


Because you’ve been on your plan for more than 24 months, there is no early termination charge to pay if you choose not to stay with us. The only exception is if you are still paying off a mobile handset, in which case, if you decide to leave, you have to pay out any remaining handset charges.


My notification refers to no excess data charges in Australia – what does this mean?

With our new plans, we don’t charge excess data charges if you go over your data allowance in Australia.


Instead, if you exceed your included data allowance, your speed will be capped at 1.5Mbps, and slowed further in busy periods. This means it is not suitable for HD video or high speed applications and means that some web pages, videos, social media content and files may take longer to load, but you can still stream video in standard definition, listen to music, browse the web and access social media, even if the experience is slower sometimes. The speeds you actually receive may vary depending on a range of factors including your device, location, user name and download sources.


To learn more see here.


You must comply with our FairPlay Policy and not use your service in an unacceptable, unreasonable or fraudulent manner, or in a way that detrimentally interferes with the integrity of, or causes significant congestion to the network. We may take action if you breach the FairPlay Policy, including suspending or cancelling your service.


Refer to this link for more information on the Fair Play Policy.


What if I don’t want my service to be slowed and would like to pay $10/GB for extra data?

If you would like more full-speed data, you can move up to a plan with a larger data allowance


My notification refers to no lock-in plan – what does this mean?

This means that your new plan is a month-to-month mobile plan with no lock-in. With no lock-in, you can change your plan once a month or cancel your service when you want.


If you cancel your service, you will receive a pro rata refund for the remainder of your month’s service charges. If you have any device, accessory or service add-ons attached to your plan, you will have to pay any remaining amount owing for them on your next bill.


My notification refers to unlimited calls to standard Australian numbers – what does this mean?

This means that you are able to make unlimited calls in Australia, at no extra charge, to the following numbers:

  • Local and STD calls to a landline
  • Mobile phones within Australia
  • Most 11xx, 12xx, 13xx and 1800 numbers

What type of calls are not covered by unlimited calls in Australia to Standard Australian numbers?

Calls that are not covered:

  • Calls to Premium numbers
  • Calls to 12xx
  • Calls to Satellite numbers
  • Calls made to overseas numbers
  • Calls made while overseas


I would like to know more – who can I talk to?
Contact us now, call 13 22 00 or visit us in store if you’d like to speak to one of our consultants about these changes.


Want to know more about plans?

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