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Telstra (Retired) Yannick
Telstra (Retired)

How do I set-up/remove my Call Forwarding options?   If you want to change your Call Diversion and Call Forwarding settings, just follow these simple steps.   To set-up Call Forward Immediate.
1. Lift your phone’s handset and wait for the dial tone.
2. ...

Telstra (Retired) PaulQ
Telstra (Retired)

If you have multiple Telstra business bills, you can reduce your bills to one or two billing accounts.   This can be arranged via our single bill request form, to complete the request you’ll need to be the account’s owner or a previously nominated au ...

Telstra (Retired) Yannick
Telstra (Retired)

Our T Analyst is your online billing and reporting tool, so you can organise and manage your Telstra invoices easily.   With access to detailed call and cost data you can better control expenditure, analyse how your services are being used and genera ...

Telstra (Retired) Yannick
Telstra (Retired)

What is a TIPT VMR? A TIPT Video Meeting Room (VMR) allows users to create and manage multiparty video meetings by dialling a VMR meeting number. Participants with compatible video phones can see each other, whilst audio-only callers can also join in ...

Community Manager CrowdSupport Community Manager
Community Manager

QuestionT-Suite Domains - How do i change my DNS entries? AnswerYou can manage your DNS through the T-Suite® Management Console. Detailed instructions are provided in the Domains Getting Started guide available through the management console.   There ...

Community Manager ashliem Community Manager
Community Manager

In this article, you’ll find a breakdown of what you’re likely to see on a Telstra Small Business bill. There are a few types of Telstra Small Business bill, so if the below guide doesn’t match your typical monthly statement, click here for a guide ...

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