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Adding WiiU IP Address to DMZ list

Hi all.

Mario Kart 8, for the WiiU, is having issues connecting to the internet. 


A common solution for this is to add the WiiU's IP adress into my routers DMZ list.

To do this, I go to

home > home network > devices > wii
From there, I click 'Assign the public IP address of a connection to a LAN device'

I click Edit next to Internet, select Wii under the devices drop-down menu and click Apply.

I click OK on the warning box.
This is where the problem occurs. I am then thrown back to the 'Assign the public IP address of a connection to a LAN device' page as if nothing was ever done - the Internet row still has 'Not assigned' under the Device heading instead of the Wii that I thought I just assigned.

I would apreciate any help towards this issue, and I am happy to supply more information if I was not clear enough.
Thank you in advance!

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Re: Adding WiiU IP Address to DMZ list

Hey Smiths007,


Firstly, welcome to CrowdSupport, please hang around, stay awhile and help us out in our community where you can.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge here in our forum. I'm sure some people will find this information helpful. Kudos to you Smiths007. Thank you.

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Re: Adding WiiU IP Address to DMZ list

It's really great thread if anyone wants to know how to configure a router DMZ then here this source will definitely help you.

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