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Annoying telephone calls from Telstra

I would like to know why I have received several telephone calls from Telstra before 6am??


When I have pointed this out to the person calling, they simply laugh and carry on with their conversation.


Perhaps Telstra could invest in some training for their staff in the Phillipines around time zones, and when it is culturally and socially acceptable to place a business telephone call.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Annoying telephone calls from Telstra

Why were they calling you? Telstra don't tend to cold call. Are you sure it wasn't a scammer?

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Re: Annoying telephone calls from Telstra

i say that its isn't telstra's contacting you since there's a few Phillipines scam artists impersonating telstra reps next time they call ask for thare name thare telstra rep id and than contact telstra to report fraudulent contact harassment
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Re: Annoying telephone calls from Telstra

wearyofcraigie they are taking australian jobs, secondly ask them for their name number and ask them to transfer you to complaints laughing at your inconvenience is not acceptable
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Re: Annoying telephone calls from Telstra

just said the same also check caller id phone number
Technical Support
Technical Support

Re: Annoying telephone calls from Telstra

Good afternoon @wearyofcraigie


Sorry to hear that, nobody likes an early wake up call if it can be helped (well, I know I don't!).


Most of Telstra would know to check time zones and ensure they are calling within acceptable timeframes before calling out, if this is a genuine Telstra consultant, they may be new and it may be a coaching opportunity for them. If you are free to call through to one of our known Telstra numbers (eg 132000) they can check your account to see if someone has genuinely been trying to contact you.


Was there any purpose to their call? Were they following up on a fault or a call you had previously made to us? If it was a marketing call, there are also options with this in how you would like to be contacted. There are certainly a lot of scam calls doing the rounds at the moment, and still one of the most common is the "Telstra Technical Support" call.


You could also talk to our Unwelcome Calls team and they can assist with blocking specific numbers for you, (if you can see the numbers calling).


Telstra also has a handset available called the Telstra Call Guardian which actively screens callers preventing them from getting through to you without your consent. There is some information on that handset via the below link.


Hopefully this is of some help.


I am a member of the Telstra Unwelcome Calls Team.
If you would like to contact us please call 1800805996 - 6am til midnight (7 days).

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