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Dealing with the Complaints Department

So, applied to come back to Telstra after being over with optus for 4 years.  Telstra checked my last name and DOB in their system to do the credit check and marked my account as having a bad debt that was sold to a debt collector.  Turns out after making 6 phone calls that they never bothered to check the first names (im Belinda, debt was in the name of Kate).  Now i can't get this taken off my record and so now if i want a new plan i have to pay $600 advance payment which i am refusing to do on principle.  Have made a grand total of 32 phone calls to a variety of different numbers to get this sorted, was promised that the fee was waived but now they have no record of that call.  Am now trying to get someone to tell me the process of getting this listened to and no one knows. 


Kind of at a loss now, don't know where to go.  Even when i ring my "complaints manager" i have to wait 24hours for a call back.  The information my complaint manager gave me was wrong (i had to ring another 2 numbers to confirm they were wrong).  Optus has poor service in my area to the point they have let me get out of my contract after moving here.  I found their customer service so much more easier to deal with. 


Have lodged my complaint with the TIO, hopefully they can help.  All it means is that i am without any phone, hope i don't need to contact someone in an emergency or anything.

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Re: Dealing with the Complaints Department

Hi Belinda, I'm sorry to hear of the poor experience with the transfer application. If you've lodged a formal complaint with the TIO then a new case manager will be assigned to investigate and follow up - I hope a suitable resolution can be provided for you soon.

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Re: Dealing with the Complaints Department

Hi Belinda,

I stumbled upon your post just by browsing the site and I must admit I'm somewhat stunned. Wouldn't a credit check require a little more than a surname + date of birth? I would've thought they'd use a full name, address and DOB at the very least. That's extraordinary!

I hope you can post the outcome of your case here as I'd be very interested to read the result.

Good luck with it. Smiley Happy

Kind regards,

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