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Online Ordering is an absolute nightmare!

I ordered and had no communication from Telstra over the following week.

I contacted them, to be told the order was on hold due to more info? being needed... 

1 more week of waiting... again no communication.Contacted them.... again more complications.  Spent 3 hrs being transferred from one person to another to finally get a very quick answer from the final person... YAY phone was finally on its way.  Arrived when he said it would.

THEN!!!!  Its time to activate the SIM....

Here we go again!   

After several attempts over the weekend, to be told something different from Everyone.... Here I am, 4 days later, New phone that I cant use because I'm still waiting for the SIM to be activated 


I don't live close to a Telstra shop or shopping district where I could conveniently go and purchase one in person.  I assume online ordering would be just as easy...  Appears its not.


Telstra, you need more communication!  I honestly think id still be waiting for my phone had I not chased it up in the first place.


I was more or less told not to contact them for another update, for 72 hrs !


Rant over!

Sorry to be a negative nancy :-( 

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