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To all Telstra customers  and a corrupt system that works against all of "us", except those who are large business within Australia.  Their personal data is safely stored within Australia and they have preferential treatment by dealing with internal (Call Centres) within Australia.  Simply because they have MONEY and the rest of US, aren't worth the a dime.


We, deal with foreign call centres who hold personal sensitive data and how many of us have being daily scammed or even threatened simply for using their services.  Yet, the TIO has no POWER and even supports these acts of aggression, especially the way they conduct their daily business.   Simply facts, Telstra can allocate a recycled number after it's been out of commission for a period of 6 months.  Even though your paying for a brand new number, and the most interesting fact is that apparently they don't have enough new numbers to allocate to customer who have became "VICTIMS" of SCAM call or unwell calls, who believes this BULL**bleep**???  


As for the TIO they are an independent agency who at best are useless with no authority to actually impose real damage or change that will make these Telcos change their practices and pay hefty fines!  I have one question for the TIO (WHO THE HELL ARE YOU WORK FOR???).  It's not for the consumer, but rather for these scum sucking leeches who have exposed all of "US" to unsolicited unwanted SCAM calls, nuisance calls, and we are forced to PAY for this privilege.   These issues arose once our data went OFFSHORE!!!


If you have a SILENT LINE, your on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY, and your number is blocked, these calls still keep coming.  These problems only started when TELSTRA and othe TELCOS decided to get greedy and our lives and PRIVACY became the thing of the past.  I'd like them to explain to all of us how and why my life change and why I should pay for been an ongoing VICTIM, all because they screwed us for PROFIT!!!





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The ACMA sets the time a number has to remain in quarantine before returning to the 'pool' of available numbers that can be re-used.

The TIO doesn't work for anyone. They are an alternate dispute resolution body. They look at complaints on a case-by-case basis to determine which 'side' to take on each one. If they see an ongoing or systemic issue it's forward to the ACMA or ACCC for investigation and potential prosecution.

Automatic diallers have nothing to do with the location of customer service centres. It's easy, and is done, to program the dialler to start at 0390000001 and keep working it's way up from there. A silent line will do nothing to prevent this, neither with the DNC register. These people are scammers - they don't care about the law.
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Social & off topic to whom?  Telstra and Superhero who are both fully exploiting us by giving these so called easy fixes, while iin actual fact they have created them.  MR "SUPERHERO" you never answered my question but sidetracked the whole issue all together.  Telstra CALL CENTRES are all OVERSEAS, our information has been breeched without our consent, that when all these SCAM call started rolling in and regardless of if you had a silent line, or if you were on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY, these call centres sold our information making "us" a target and a PRIVACY non existent.  People with sever medical conditions shouldn't be exposed to this or became their next Victim.  Your advise to go to the ACCC or ACMA is typical considering that Telstra is the sole holder of all the FIBER OPTIC CABLES in AUSTRALIA, that makes them liable due to not protecting their customers only their huge Business.  


Im one individual who believes that above all "PRIVACY " the one thing that we are all intitiled to and currently that not happening with Telstra or any Telcos.  So, if you think my complaints is trivial or social then your in deep **bleep**!!!  I'm coming for you and get ready, I will prove that PRIVACY the one thing each human is intitiled to!!!



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