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Technical Department notifications to customers

This morning I received one of those 'I'm from tech support and we are going to have to shut your internet down for 2weeks due to hackers..' phone calls. While I clued on straight away to the lady on the other end it does raise some concerns for other customers who may fall victim to these wankers.

Can Telstra send out letters to their customers warning them with all of the potential avenues that are currently being used to try and rip off their customers? I get concerned that someone like my pop or even mum would fall for this, but if they could read something from Telstra saying that they would never call with such and such issues it might help???

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Re: Technical Department notifications to customers

It is such a common occurrence that it is something that everyone should already be aware of.

The problem gets regular coverage in the mainstream media, this site has posted warnings regularly and the government even has a website where you can report them

The number of ways that scammers are trying to rip people off covers everything from email, phonecall, door knocking and regular mail. So basically every interaction that you have could potentially be a scammer trying to gain access to your information.

Telstra never do call with regards to this sort of thing. But scammers and dodgy companies and even legitimate companies will call offering you a better deal. Some of these are real, some are scams

The safest thing to do when you are called by anybody claiming to be from any company is to call them back on their main public number (132200 in Telstra's case) and ask them if they have been trying to contact you.

In Telstra's case, if they have been trying to call you about something important, the person trying to call will leave a note on your file and the consultant you speak to will be able to see it and point you in the right direction.
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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Technical Department notifications to customers

They did also send out things like you are suggesting. They did the ‘is it Telstra calling’ things like those found here:
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