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Unwanted Sales calls from a company not Telstra

Has anyone had calls from a company or companies that usually start with > You have had this number with Telstra for a long time. We can offer you a discount.


The number on Call ID is Private, withheld, barred or unknown or sometimes overseas.

Sometimes the caller hangs up when the phone is answered arround the same time each day.


I am going to try to get a company name and number to assist telstra.



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Re: Unwanted Sales calls from a company not Telstra

I have had 4 phone calls within the last hour from people pertaining to be from Telstra.


I am totally fed up with this....


I have only today registered on the 'Do Not Call' register. Until these companies can be properly barred from ringing, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do???




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Re: Unwanted Sales calls from a company not Telstra

I had one no more than 20mins ago, I've been on the Do Not Call register for 12 months and these mongrels still seem to get through.

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Re: Unwanted Sales calls from a company not Telstra

I am also getting calls like this today, from 03 8816 6213. The interesting thing is, I have only had a phone connected for just over one month. My mum has the number, and 3 friends. I haven't gotten around to texting it to people, as I use a mobile mainly. It just came with the broadband.NO-ONE else has my number. In addition to these guys annoying me, I have had fundraising calls from the firebrigde. (I don't mind helping those guys out). So where did these people get my name & number from? Don't tell me Telsta not only charge for line rental, calls, and a connection fee, do they also sell out customers information? They are seriously the only people that had it!!


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Re: Unwanted Sales calls from a company not Telstra

I have a separate answering machine and a friend suggested I set that up.... My phone has rung about another 5 times since my last post earlier and the only message left is beep beep beep because they have hung up!!!!!

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Re: Unwanted Sales calls from a company not Telstra


Hi all,


We certainly don't sell any of our customers' information, but it's not at all uncommon for other companies to call and attempt to coerce you to join them by pretending to represent us.  There's no way we have to determine exactly who's calling you - or more accurately, there is after investigation, but we can't disclose that information for privacy reasons. However, I can completely understand why you'd feel it's unwelcome. 

There are two options I'd recommend to eliminate these calls going forward. The first is to sign up for the government's Do Not Call Register via, which I can see some of you have already done, and as you're aware, this will take up to 30 days to take full effect; the second is to speak with our Unwelcome Calls team on 1800805996, as they'll advise you of your options regarding call tracing, call blocking and the possibility of changing your number at no cost should it be necessary. Hope this helps!

- Justin

Telstra Social Media Team

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