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2019 Sports Live Pass Offer FAQ

AFL, NRL, My Football Live & Netball Live Pass FAQ


What is the 2019 Live Pass Offer? 

Eligible Telstra customers can access a 2019 Season Pass to AFL Live Pass, NRL Live Pass, My Football Live Pass and Netball Live Pass included as part of their mobile plan or when they maintain a +$30 pre-paid recharge..


Am I eligible for the offer?

Customers are eligible if they are on a consumer or small business Telstra post-paid mobile plan, a Telstra consumer mobile broadband plan with a tablet, or a pre-paid service when they maintain a +$30 recharge. Customers need a compatible mobile or tablet.


How do I redeem the offer?

  • Download or update the 2019 AFL Live Official app, NRL Official app, My Football Live app or Netball Live Official app from the App Store or Google Play. Data fees apply to download the app.
  • If the app detects you are a Telstra mobile customer*, you will be shown a ‘congratulations’ screen letting you know that you now have access to Live Pass
  • Start watching!

*If we cannot detect you are a Telstra mobile customer, you may be on Wi-Fi, we will ask you to turn off your Wi-Fi or login using your Telstra ID. Please remember to switch Wi-Fi back on after the Live Pass process is complete.


Note: Please ensure your mobile browser has private mode switched off in order for Telstra to detect your mobile network.


What will happen to my paid subscription if I take up the offer?
If you signed up via 
If you redeem the 2018 AFL Telstra Live Pass Offer and you have already signed up for a paid subscription online, you will need to login and cancel your subscription via the website:


If you signed up via In-App Subscription (AFL, NRL, Netball, My Football Live):

If you have already purchased a subscription In-App, you will need to cancel through the relevant App Store:


Google Play:


Access subscriptions up to an annual value of $329 included in your Telstra Mobile Plan

NRL Live Pass
Watch live or on demand games on your smart phone or tablet.

AFL Live Pass
Watch live or on demand games on your smart phone or tablet.

My Football Live Pass
Watch live games on your smart phone or tablet.

Netball Live Pass
Watch live or on demand games on your smart phone, tablet or Telstra TV.


Can I use my redeemed 2019 LivePass Offer on another device or access online via website? 

You can access your AFL, NRL, My Football Live or Netball Live Passes on up to 5 additional compatible devices. 


Do I have to pay for data?

Standard data charges apply when downloading apps. Video data usage is currently unmetered only for certain Telstra mobile customers in respect of supported devices within Australia when on the Telstra mobile network.


Will I be billed for the 2019 Live PassOffer?

The AFL, NRL, My Football and Netball Live Passes are all included in your Telstra plan. You will not see charges appear on your bill.


When does the offer expire?

Redeem the Live Pass offer by 31 May 2019 using your compatible Telstra mobile or tablet on the Telstra mobile network. The Live Pass expires 30 June 2019.


What happens to my subscription in the 2019 season?

You will not be rolled onto a paid subscription.


If you signed up to an in-app purchase within the AFL, NRL, My Football Live or Netball Apps
If you redeem the 2019 AFL/NRL/My Football/Netball Telstra Live Pass offer and you have already signed-up for a paid subscription through the App Store or Google Play, you will still need to cancel your paid subscription via the relevant app store. iOS App store or Google Play


What happens to my Club membership?

You will need to contact your Club to discuss details of your Club membership.


If you need a further hand or have any questions, please post here on the relevant sports board.

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