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Compatible Android Devices for our Official AFL Live App

How to Restore a subscription
I subscribed last year, do I have to resubscribe again?
Your subscription will continue to automatically renew, unless you cancel the subscription. To check, if you are subscribed via your SIM card, please follow these steps:
- Please boot up the AFL Official Live App
- Open the Menu
- Select “My Subscriptions”
- If your Wi-Fi is turned off, you should see details of your current subscriptions

If I purchase a new AFL Live pass, will this cancel out my Google Play subscription from 2014?
No, purchasing a new subscription will not cancel out a subscription from 2014 as the systems are not linked. You must cancel your Google Play subscription or you will be charged for both. Simply go to the relevant store for your device to cancel the subscription.


- Android Users with an In-App subscription

How do I cancel my subscriptions?

If you subscribed via, simply log in on, go to the My Account page.

Alternatively, if you made your purchase directly with the App Store associated with your device, ie: the Google Play Market.


We do not them receive any customer details. You can unsubscribe by following these steps:


- Launch the Google Play Store on your device
- Open Menu
- Select My Apps, then select AFL.
- Here you will see your Subscription details and options.


Can I use my subscription across multiple devices?

You may access & stream premium content via your AFL Live Pass subscription, on up to 5 supported devices at the same time.


For in App purchases, this is governed by the Google Play Market guidelines. You can only link devices which use the same Google ID. Once you download the AFL Live Official App, your subscription will automatically be recognised on any Android device using the same Google ID.

Can I purchase the app while overseas?
At this stage you can only purchase AFL Live in Australia. However for more information on international broadcast while overseas please visit:

Can I still purchase the subscription if I’m not a Telstra customer?
The good news is yes, yes you can! Provided you have an iOS or Android device and download the AFL Live Official App via the relevant App Store. Once you have the App you can easily view our premium content via an In App purchase. Simply open the menu and select “Subscribe to AFL Live”.


Can I use the service if I’m on Wi-Fi?
Yes you can! Thanks to technology improvements, we now support Wi-Fi.

Please Note: Wi-Fi only works for customers who purchased their subscription via an App store In App or on If you have an active subscription carried over from 2012, we can only identify you via your SIM card ease note which is why you need to be connected to the mobile network.


Data usage remains unmetered for Telstra mobile network customers, so feel free to access our great content no matter where you are.

How do I ‘Force Stop’ the App?
To force stop, please follow these steps:

- Open up the Menu on your device
- Select Settings
- Select Applications
- Select Manage Applications
- Select AFL
- Select Force Stop

When I am at the game, why is there a delay between the live game play and the AFL ‘Live’ coverage?
We do our best to ensure there are no delays, however there will be a short delay while the video is quickly converted into a digital format that can play on your device.


This can be between 2-15 seconds and can also depend on your location.

Can I use a HDMI cable to stream this App to my TV?
Due to our broadcasting rights, we are only allowed to stream to smartphones and tablets. We are not allowed to support streaming to TV outputs.


What devices are compatible?


AFL Live Official App is built and tested for the following devices with Android 2.3 and above: (however, the App should function as advertised on most Android smartphones running OS 2.3 or above and Android Tablets running OS 4.1 or above):



- Samsung Galaxy S 3 4G

- Samsung Galaxy S 4

- HTC One XL

- Sony Xperia Z

- Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4G

- Motorola RAZR M

- Samsung Galaxy S II

- HTC Wildfire S

- LG Optimus L3

- HTC Desire 


Tablets (Android 4.1 and above):

- Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

- Acer Iconia Pro

- ZTE V96a

- Motorola Xoom 

- Google Nexus 7


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