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How to watch AFL Live

If you are unsure how to watch AFL games on the website or via the AFL Live App the instructions below will help.


How to watch Live Game (App)

1. When you open the App and have logged into your account, you will see a range of ways to access Live Content. The sections highlighted in red will allow you to access the live game, some directly and others through the Match Centre




2. If you select the ‘Matches’ option this will bring you to the Match Centre page, where you can see all the current live matches and upcoming matches. The section highlighted in red, will take you to the game directly. However if you tap the scores section, you will be able to see all the current live stats.




3. From the page below, you can access the live stream via the highlighted buttons. Otherwise, match stats, news and full team lists for the current match are available on this page as well.



How to watch Match Replay (website)

If you have registered for an In-App subscription, you will not have access to premium content on the AFL website.


1. Head to to access the home page. Hover over the Video section as per the picture and select ‘Match Replay’ from the drop down menu



2. On the next page you will see the player open and a pop-up box in the centre with the option to subscribe or login. Select the relevant option to log into your account.



3. Once you are logged in with your details it will bring you back to the page above and you can scroll down to see all available replays. If they appear greyed out, you may need to select an earlier round, if the current rounds matches have not been played. Please note that Match Replays are available 12 hours after the live stream concludes.



If you have any questions about how to view a match or anything else related to your live pass, feel free to ask and one of our team members will assist you.

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