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Unsubscribe From AFL Live Pass (User Guide) [KB]

Firstly, how did you subscribe? Was it via the app or website?

Although the premium content available to customers is the same, they are different subscriptions.

If you're unsure, check how you're being charged on your credit card or Telstra bill

If charged to a Credit Card, it will be listed as below

Telstra Applications Melbourne = Subscribed via Website
GOOGLE *Telstra CorpGOOGLE.COM = In App subscription via Google Play
APPLE ITUNES STORE SYDNEY = In App Subscription via iTunes

If charged to a Telstra Bill, these are signed up via the website & listed as below under Applications & Entertainment

  • AFL Live Weekly $4.99
  • AFL Live Monthly $14.99
  • AFL Live Annual $89.99
  • AFL Live Monthly Pass $10 = Legacy Subscription 

NOTE: If it’s listed in transactions charges under a mobile, it will be an In App Google Play subscription charged to the Telstra bill. 


Once you've confirmed how it was subscribed, you can follow the relevant instructions below to unsubscribe 


If you subscribed via the website, you would log in with your AFL Login here 

(top right)


If you’re not sure of your password, you can reset this here


Once logged in, it would say “Welcome *Name* with a menu button (3 horizontal lines)


If you're logged in wth an active subscription, this will bring up a menu like below where you can click "Manage My AFL Pass". Note: If no active subscription is associated, we'd recommend checking any other emails that could have been used to sign up. 



Clicking this will bring you through to the “Manage My AFL Live Pass” page where you can click “Cancel My AFL Live Pass” 

cancel AFL live.png


You'll then need to click you confirm cancellation. Once you've done this, you will receive a confirmation of cancellation to the associated email.

If you subscribed In-App you will need to cancel your subscription directly through the relevant App store accounts.

iOS Users with an In-App subscription go to:

Android Users with an In-App subscription go to:


You can find solutions to common issues experienced with the pass via


Troubleshooting Tips:

Make sure you're logged out of crowdsupport,, & My Account

Clear your cache & browsing data. I personally use Chrome & clear it to "the beginning of time" & select everything except "content licences". Additionally, you can try in another browser.

Once you've done this, log in as per the instructions above.

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