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Unsubscribe From NRL Live Pass (User Guide) [KB]

Firstly, how did you subscribe? Via iTunes or GooglePlay


If you're unsure, check how you're being charged on your credit card or Telstra bill

If charged to a Credit Card, it will be listed as below
GOOGLE *Telstra CorpGOOGLE.COM = In App subscription via Google Play
APPLE ITUNES STORE SYDNEY = In App Subscription via iTunes

If charged to a Telstra Bill listed as below under Applications & Entertainment
• NRL Weekly $3.99
• NRL Annual $99.99
• NRL Weekly $1.99 = Existing Weekly Subscriptions (Prior to 2015)

NOTE: If it’s listed in transactions charges under the mobile, it will be an In App Google Play subscription charged to the Telstra bill.


Once you've established how it was subscribed, you can follow the relevant instructions below to  unsubscribe  

If you subscribed via in app purchase:


You will need to cancel your subscription directly through the relevant App store accounts.

iOS Users with an In-App subscription go here  
Android Users with an In-App subscription go here


You can find more solutions to common issues experienced with pass via


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