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Not connected to the Bigpond Network when viewing tv guide

Hey all,

My tbox is on Bigpond Ultimate Cable with a Cisco EPC3925 cable modem router. Its connected to the tbox via ethernet cable.

From time to time our television guide is missing some stations and shows ahead of time, as if the tbox isnt connected to the internet. This makes the tv guide experience really poor. I've also noticed that some television shows scheduled to record aren't when the tbox is behaving like this

Sometimes, like today, going to the tv guide pops up a message telling me I'm not connected to the internet.

I decided to unplug the ethernet cable, plug it back in. After a couple of mins a small message appears on the bottom of the screen telling me that the TBox is not connected to the Bigpond network. Rest of the internet from iPad, laptops, etc is working fine though. Also, the TBox settings status screen shows that the TBox has a local IP address from the router, and is connected to the internet.

I switched the modem on/off but the same thing happened

Calling TBox support, they recommended that I should reset my entire tbox, loosing all my existing recordings. Given my TBox is 50% full, I wasnt too keen on doing so, but given the intermittent nature, and the friendliness of the support rep taking the call, and that she advised that it was the only option there was left given I'd restarted the modem and unplugged/plugged the cable I obliged and she'd call me back in hour

In that time, I found a spare hard drive to copy my shows off onto, but the option to copy recordings onto it didnt appear. And given I wasnt too keen on doing this anyway and not only losing the recordings, but also the scheduled recordings, and the problem being intermittent, didnt really think a reset was going to solve the problem anyway

So In playing around with settings on the TBox, I went to the internet settings where you can select the internet connection from ethernet to wifi, as well as change the ip address settings from auto to manual and vice versa. In toggling the settings, switching the Ethernet on and off a few times, I noticed that every second time I'd switch the Ethernet on, the Bigpond icon had an X against it. After toggling and getting the green tick against TBox, no further - 'you are not connected to the bigpond network' appeared.

Furthermore, the tvguide was fixed and showed all the shows in full detail, not just the upcoming ones

If you dont want to reset your tbox and loose all your recordings, then please try the TBox internet settings first and please post your success/failure here

I have a feeling that the service that gives TBox its TV Guide is perhaps overloaded and isn't working 100% of the time. Most people wont notice it since you aren't on the TV Guide the whole time, and if you call support, and they tell you to save all your TV shows, and reset your modem, you may be just reconnecting again at a time that the service is back online

What I'd really hope to see is Telstra improve their troubleshooting, and the TBox improve its logging so the support staff can try to hit the tbox remotely and see why the connection is going intermittently. Suggesting to reset just after you've tried the basics of turning it off/on, plug it in/out again, is quite drastic and only hides the real problem.