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T-Box error 0605

My tbox has a red banner at the bottom of the screen saying 'cannot start playback, please try again later (0605).

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Re: T-Box error 0605

Hi Kellie,


Lets go through some reset options that have worked in the past.


Put the T-Box into "sleep" mode:-Press and hold the power button till you see the banner "entering sleep mode".

Remove the power cable from the T-Box, wait a few seconds and plug it back in.

Meanwhile (just for good measure) turn your router off and back on again to reset it.

Turn the T-Box back on and see if it corrects the problem.


Other possibilities

Renew Licences

Go to the menu on T-Box then go to

  1. Settings
  2. T-Box information,
  3. Reset Options
  4. Reload all licences

Other Reset Options

There is a reset button on the bottom of the T-Box.

     Quick reset

        Press and Hold Reset

        Release once the light on the front has flashed ONCE


  See how this goes before we try a full reset.


Have you recently got Foxtel by any chance?

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