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I purchased my t-box over 12 months ago and have been paying for movies by debit card and it worked fine.

So I turned on my T-box last friday to find it had been updated.Great, some bugs fixed...or so I thought.

Cannot access bigpond movies as it stops on the select payment option page and only offers to pay by existing telstra bill.

I called the telstra service and spoke to someone named John who said he would get back to me about having the debit card option restored. That was 4 days ago and nothing.

John also told me he would send an email acknowledgement of my complaint. That was 4 days ago and nothing.

I called again tonight and was answered by someone after being in a '4min' que for 10min and she put me on hold and then cut the line.

Turns out the device is now totally useless to me unless I agree to pay for my movies on one of my telstra bills.

 No warning, no option. I also lost movie downloads I already paid for because I could not access it behind the silly "payment option screen' !

The title of the setup screen is a bit of a joke "Select your payment option" as there is only one option: by a telstra bill

So it seems that Telstra want to force me to select the pay by account method as they have provided me no answers or support or options.

With family wanting to watch movies I guess I will have to select the account option under duress. I have been a telstra customer for a long time but it seems it may be time for a change. For me it was telstra service and support that made a difference but I see now I have been given no choice but to look around for another service provider for my mobile, landline and internet/movie broadband.

Well done telstra.

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