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TBox wont start up

Im having an issue where after turning the tbox on it goes to the welcome screen then turns off, can anyone help me??

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Re: TBox wont start up

Try the reset button on the bottom, but if this doesn't work, call Tbox Support 1300 136 841


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Re: TBox wont start up

Hi kidden! I posted this on another thread and it might work for you ( Horay for Copy + Paste Smiley Tongue )


Sometimes the HDD is experiencing difficulties or is continuesly being checked. You can try unmounting the HDD as it sometimes helps in getting the issues that you are having fixed. (Sometimes works with issues where TBox would not power on)



1.  Press the reset button underneath the TBox until the light flashes once.


2.  As soon as the LED in front begins to blink, press 6537 on the remote control.

     (If done successfully, the HELLO screen should quickly display and the device will restart itself)


3.  After the device has restarted, go to Settings > TBox Information tab > Reset Options > Reset Hard Disk


4.  After the reset place the device into "Sleep Mode" by holding down the power button on the TBox remote for 5 seconds

     until you see a message saying "Entering sleep mode" on the TV screen. Turn it back on again to re-mount the HDD.




If it still doesn't work, you might need to contact Tech Support at 1800 331 402. Hope this woks for you!



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