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Tgateway on Tbox via dlna TG797v3/2gb xHDD

Hi all,

Thanks in advance.
I have a western digital powered NTFS 2tb Hdd usb to TG797v3.
I am wishing to view my already established media on my DLNA network including my ps4, Tbox and kids tablets.

While I was using the plex media server, my computer has to be turned. I feel that it would be easier to use the tgateway to remove my computer as I am not home during the day.

On my computer I can access the T gateway and view the media in my folders which are adults/movie title/movie or kids/movie title/movie.

On my Tbox I can see the Tgateway and can access it. However I cant view the media as there are is no media in the folders, such as videos/all videos/no media.

I have looked on the web and noted a configuration page, however my router menu does not allow a reconfiguration via advanced/content sharing.

Should I reformat and then what are my steps?
How else can I configure my hdd to build the correct database folders?

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