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Intercom feature on TIPT

Hi I'm trying to setup an intercom system on our offices that works like this video - I believe I have the basics configure in the custom tags in the EWS - however it doesn't quite work.

The polycom site shows the action as being $Tintercom$ - however that doesn't seem quite right as everything else is usually a series of numbers to dial a function on the handset.


Can you please advise?



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Telstra Products & Services Team

Re: Intercom feature on TIPT



not something i have seen implemented - the broadworks equivalent is push to talk - *50 , however this is only contained in the exec pack.

I can see that there is a new intercom feature for point to point with no server in polycom 5.2.0 firmware and up -


We are only at 5.1.8k at present unfortunately.



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Re: Intercom feature on TIPT

Hi Mark,

The $Xaction$ is a special Polycom softkey code. TIPT uses similar $$ codes for some softkey actions, primarily for Call Centre. Something that ties in with your other post, if you have the Call Park softkey configured, then the softkey action is $Chold$*68 ($C = active call; hold$ = put it on hold ; then dial *68).


The $$ code seems to be a small portion of it. The actual T code seems to be for setting up a single dial (always dial EXT 4321 for example). It seems you would need a few config items to actually get it working, so more than likely, even if you setup the softkey, the intercom \ auto answer component will never actually work.


Brad means 5.8.1k. I think it would be fairly safe to say it should be available in a 5.8.x release, but even if so, it's not enabled for TIPT. Potentially if you know your TAGS, you could add the softkey exactly as Polycom state, however, the issue is that you won't be able to specifically enable the intercom feature in the phone config as it's not in the TIPT config. You could try reaching out to your Account Exec, to work with engineering to provide a custom config to enable it, but this will likely have an associated cost. Otherwise, working with a TIPT Detailer could provide you with a supported configuration that suits your needs.


As Brad mentions, PTT (Executive Pack) is the TIPT method for this. You can setup 1 way or 2 way PTT 'intercom' (on each originating user), and you can configure the allowed callers on each destination user. You can directly page someone using PTT, or you can setup a instant call group (I suggest using *80 --diversion inhibitor-- prepended on each number, so if someone is busy \ DnD \ phone is disconnected, it won't page to their VM \ forward destination).

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Telstra Products & Services Team
Telstra Products & Services Team

Re: Intercom feature on TIPT

Opps - correct - meant 5.8.1k ... monday...


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