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Polycom VVX501 - New handset upgrade issues

Hi TIPT Forum,


I noticed a few weeks ago that Telstra have started shipping us VVX501 handsets. Today unfortunetly I had to send out one of these VVX501 handsets and have so far wasted half the day getting the stupid thing working.


For the life of me I cannot get the device to download its device config and register on the TIPT network. The TIPT group has the group level device configuration tags as per normal.



          %IFOLDER%           2         
          %TIPT_CODEC%           g722
          %TIPT_STATE%           nsw


The error message displayed after a reset;


Configuration Error:

Missing files, config. reverted


Does anyone know if this handset needs different config tags?


Or is there something else that needs to be done to get this VVX501 working on the TIPT network?




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Telstra Products & Services Team
Telstra Products & Services Team

Re: Polycom VVX501 - New handset upgrade issues



The VVX 501 does need a different firmware tag to the VVX 500


Tag = FIRMWARE_VVX4     value =  5.4.1



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Re: Polycom VVX501 - New handset upgrade issues

Hi Brad,


Thanks for the reply and the info on the correct tags to use.


FYI - These tags are also required for the VVX411's as well





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