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TIPT VMR on the iPad Setup Guide

What is a TIPT VMR?

A TIPT Video Meeting Room (VMR) allows users to create and manage multiparty video meetings by dialling a VMR meeting number. Participants with compatible video phones can see each other, whilst audio-only callers can also join in.  ISDN and Internet Gateway access is included. Order via your account team or tiptprovisioning@team.telstra.com


Keep in mind Telstra will have a FULLY supported TIPT application for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows and MAC later this year, the client you are all waiting for is called TIPT UC-ONE


Do you want to connect your iPad or Android tablet to your TIPT VMR ONLY?  If so read on.


VMR only, easy! 

You have no configuration to do, just install the Polycom RealPresence Mobile (search for Polycom) from the store, when you run it for the first time, it will ask you to Sign In, IMPORTANT, select Skip Sign In

Tap the dial dialog box and dial video.ipvc.telstra.com##<Your VMR ID>

eg. video.ipvc.telstra.com##292912345


Some Tip's

  • If you are using 3G or ADSL WiFi - You may want to lower your connection speed.  Open the client, select the COG on the bottom right for iPad, Setup for Android.  You will see WLAN and 3G/4G Call Rate, I recommend 256k for WiFi and 128k for 3G to give you the most reliable experience. Increase them from there if your game.
  • Typing video.ipvc.telstra.com is via the "keyboard" icon on the bottom left of the dial keypad. 
  • Use the "recent calls icon (Clock Icon) to re-dial, no need to type it every time!
  • Skip Sign In, do not try to sign in, this is used for the Polycom CMA Management Platform only.






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