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TOTI and Business Connect



I would like our Business Connect PC app work over any internet connection, not just our corporate Telstra network, are there such tags to update the server the app uses to sign in to use a public facing server?

We currently use Business Connect for one to one video calls but when the users work from home over the VPN they are unable to sign in.




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Re: TOTI and Business Connect

BC Collaborate Portal.PNGFurthermore to the question, the settings for the Business Connect PC client is set to 'Auto Switching' but is as it isn't switching and i am unable to edit this preference as it grayed out.

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Re: TOTI and Business Connect

Hi Tech01,

It uses DNS for auto-switching. If it can resolve .nipt.telstra addresses (only on the TIPT DNS), then it will try to connect to the VPN SBCs.

If it can't, it will go to the Internet facing SBCs.


When you've got your tunnel up for a VPN, there's a lot more complexity.

Can a work from home user, not connected to the VPN, sign in and use Business Connect? If that is true, then you'll have to investigate your VPN, routing \ firewalls \ etc to see where it's going wrong.


The logs in business connect, or maybe running wireshark on a PC connected to the VPN should give you some insight into where it's failing. I'd start with a filter on sip and dns to see what the client is looking up, and what responses it's getting; then traceroute to those destinations to see where it fails.




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