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Galaxy S2 Keyboard redemption and Mobile protect redemption.



I ordered and received Galaxy S2 on M plan. It clearly stated on the website and in an email confirmation that you receive a bonus keyboard and mobile protect etc as below is an extract from my email:


  • Samsung S2 Keyboard
    Bonus Samsung Keyboard Cover via redemption
    Once you've received your device, go to to redeem.

  • Tablets for Education Bundle
    Extras with your new tablet:
    As part of the Back to School offer, we've given you FREE New Tablet Feeling ($149 redemption fee waived after 12 months), FREE Mobile Protect and Free eSmart Digital License (Valued at $30). To redeem your eSmart Digital License, click here. For more information on New Tablet Feeling, click here. To activate Mobile Protect, click here.

The keyboard link still has an error and the other links do not even exist as a link in the email. I have seen numerous other people stating this issue. Can you please advise why this has not being resolved ? As this persuaded my purchase and its false advertisement if these are not included. 

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Re: Galaxy S2 Keyboard redemption and Mobile protect redemption.

Just saw your post, I have raised a similar issue tonight (Sydney time).  Would you believe I was instructed to go to that same link to receive my free keyboard & cover?  Clearly now I was just getting fobbed off.

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Re: Galaxy S2 Keyboard redemption and Mobile protect redemption.

This has also happened to me!!

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