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Problems with micro-SIM plan

Hi, I have an iPad2 and got the $30 micro-SIM for it at the end of January at a Telstra shopand they said it would have 3GB of data with it. It stopped working not long after and I have just discovered that it seems it has put me onto the $30 prepaid plan for tablets and not the $30 plan for iPads (and so I quickly went through the data allowance and now have credit for calls and SMS that I don't even need). How do I fix this? Is there any way to get the data back that I haven't used? It runs out on the 28th and I am happy to recharge to get the credit rolled over, but not on the plan I am on! I want to be on the iPad prepaid plan. Thanks!

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Re: Problems with micro-SIM plan

the Micro SIM is really only intended for the iPad so it shouldn't be too hard to get them to adjust your plan back to the correct one if you call up, they may even credit you back if you've been using data at the incorrect rate
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