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Samsung A4 tab not starting up properly

My Samsung 4G tab A8 starts up but when it gets to the swipe screen it recycles back to the start up several times before going to the home screen. Sometimes the home screen works and sometimes it freezes and then turns off.

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Re: Samsung A4 tab not starting up properly



I've also got a Samsung Tab A and I've had this happen to me twice. I believe this is a problem with WIFI.

At first I thought it may have been a rogue app, so I did a reset and it was fine, but after doing a Google search I found that it was more likely a WIFI issue.

The second time it happened, I had left home without turning WIFI off and when I went to restart, it went into a restart loop, eventually staying on after the 3rd start up. I was then able to turn WIFI off, restarted and it was fine.

The suggestion I found was when it does stop restarting and stays on, turn off WIFI and have it forget the settings.

Restart and re-connect to your WIFI and it should be fine.

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