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Trouble connecting to Telstra


Hi everyone

This is my first time posting on Crowd Support. In advance, thanks for your replies.

- I am having a problem connecting my Apple iPad 4 to a TELSTRA Air WiFi hotspot.

- in case it is relevant, there are no Telstra Air phone booth hotspots near me.

- the Wi Fi signal therefor must be coming from a TELSTRA Air hotspot in a house nearby.

- In the WiFi Settings section I have the Ask To Join Networks option turned on.

- after I select TELSTRA Air in the network selection list it moves to the box above.

- after about 5 seconds the blue connection tick appears to the left of it.

- there is however no WiFi signal icon in the top left corner of my iPad.

- a few seconds later TELSTRA Air moves back down into the selection list.

- I have to repeat this process 4 to 5 times before I am successfully connected.

If anyone knows why this is happening & how to avoid it, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks again



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Re: Trouble connecting to Telstra

What happens when you try using the Telstra Air app?
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Re: Trouble connecting to Telstra

Hi Guilty Spark
When I open the Telstra Air app it will say either:
1. that Telstra Air is within range, & to connect in settings.
2. something went wrong. Unable to connect. Connect to Telstra Air when within range.
As soon as I then press Dismiss it says that Telstra Air is within range.
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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Trouble connecting to Telstra

It sounds like the wifi signal is too weak to maintain a connection. Not uncommon when trying to connect outside of someone's house.
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