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Xoom 2 ICS battery life

Has anyone else noticed the difference in battery life since the ICS update? I am now finding I am charging every day instead of every 2 days. Usage and apps haven't changed at all.

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Re: Xoom 2 ICS battery life

Another issue I have noticed. Randomly dropping the 3g connection, then asking for the pin for my sim card. Yesterday it wouldn't accept it, asked for puk, then kept telling me an error had occurred. Ended up powering off and restarted. It then accepted the codes. Never had this issue on honeycomb. Now on ICS and it-s happened about 6 times so far. Frustrating. The original xoom 1 I used to have never had this issue when it went to ICS (though did have the battery issue till the fix was released a month later)

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