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Impossible identification requirements



i have been a Telstra customer for.........let’s just say Avery long time now. I have multiple products bundled together and intend on continuing that way. However, the last few upgrades I have done I have come across a nearly impossible bridge to cross - Telstra’s jurasically out of date identification policy.  Now I am legal blind, among other things, so therefore cannot drive, nor attend a store or speak on a phone due to my health.   Obviously due to these things, my tech is highly important to me to communicate and see.  Bbut when I have gone through to upgrade, everything has gone smoothly, (except for the usual inevitable out of stock, out of colour, compromises that I always have to make), and then I get to my personal info.   Aall my other information that they have a million times over is fine, but because I cannot get a drivers license then all of a sudden supervisors are called in and it becomes a huge headache.   BUT the biggest issue I have is that under the identification guidelines, available on the Telstra website, it states that an official Proof of age card is an acceptable form of ID and if there is any question then they should copy the Medicare card along with it.  But instead of doing as their guidelines say, they refute this and tell me that I must produce a ‘Blind Citizens Card’ or that I don’t know what I am talking about and my proof of age card must be a blind citizens card.   Beside this being a HUGE frustration, this is proof that Telstra have no clue of what they ar doing.   The ‘Blind Citizens Card’ was a card issued to a small welfare association that disbanded over 6 years ago. The cards had no legal weight as identification as to join all you had to do was fill in a farm and pay your subs.  Thes cards had an expiry of 3 years, so therefore, even if one was issued right at the end of the period of the organisations existence, it would be at least 3 years out of date!!!    But yet you reject a card issued to me by the same people that give you your drivers licenses.   Where is the logic in that?    This is a serious failure in the system Telstra.   I have no problem showing my Medicare and/or pension card so you can get that precious expiry date, but please stop treating me like an idiot by demanding a card that doesn’t exist.   I’ve even checked with multiple vision assistance organisations and they hadn’t even heard of the card, I had to research it.  So please, take a look at your identification procedures, especially online, as I would like to upgrade in November and with my health, I do not need another second of stress........I don’t want to have to consider saying ‘yes’.   I’d be grateful if this issue could be addressed ASAP please. 


Thank you


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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Impossible identification requirements

Really sorry for the frustrating experience, TechTeddy. That's certainly not what we aim to deliver. I do apologise. Do you have an open complaint about this at all?
I'd like to know a case manager is having a closer look at the specifics. - Matthew.

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