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Is anyone finding the 24x7 App is useless, or is it just me?

I had a problem with my internet speed and checked it through the telstra system online, which told me quote:"Our testing is indicating that the connection between nbn and your premise may not be meeting the range expected for your plan and requires further troubleshooting." A 1800 number was provided, which I called, and then waited on the line for 2 hours expecting someone to answer. I eventually hung up.

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Re: Is anyone finding the 24x7 App is useless, or is it just me?

Was the number that you called 1800 834 273? It definitely shouldn't take 4 hours to get answered.


You can also report the problem via Livechat.

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Re: Is anyone finding the 24x7 App is useless, or is it just me?

1800 834 273 was the number. I called back a couple of hours later and was answered after a couple of minutes. The guy got me to go through the usual routine of rebooting etc, and the first speed test showed 42mbps, which was higher than I had been getting so I thought situation was resolved. I thanked the guy and hung up. The next speed test I did wasn't so great (between 25mbps and 35) and the message about "not be meeting the range expected for your plan" is still there. I have submitted a complaint but no reply as yet.

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Is anyone finding the 24x7 App is useless, or is it just me?

Hi Unhappym, 


Thanks for the reply and I can understand the concerns. There may not be an issue with the connection if tests have been done and confirmed this is set up correctly. Tests will vary from different times of the day and how the test is done. Congestion at peak times will also change the speed test results. A drop in 7mbps won't always indicate there is a connection issue. This link will give details on NBN speeds:


Be best to also try some troubleshooting steps here which may help increase speeds dueing those times. Or our team on the number will check the connection is set up correctly. We may need to arrange a tech visit or pass on work to NBN.


A complaint will take 2 to 5 business days for a callback who can also arrange a tech visit if this is still needed. Let us know what your complaint case manager advises too. 







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