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Issues recharging via Telstra 24/7 app

Most months I have some kind of issue trying to recharge my prepaid service via the 24/7 app. Mostly, it times out - I try to go through the recharge process and it just stalls at some point, not letting me successfully complete the recharge. I've had this issue both using Telstra mobile internet and my home cable wifi connections. I'm using an iPhone and have had the issue with various versions of iOS (as it has been persistent/intermittent). I've even had problems when I then try to load the Telstra recharge page in Safari (link via the app) instead - just times out.


Today my only solution was to recharge at home on my computer via my home wifi connection. Kind of inconvenient when I'm travelling and realise I'm low on credit/its about to expire and I'm not near my computer and/or another way to connect to the internet! 


Anyone else had or aware of this issue and able to offer a solution?

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Re: Issues recharging via Telstra 24/7 app

Hi Charbray,

There are other options to recharge your Pre-Paid service.
I use
Type into the browser of the mobile phone that you want to recharge. This can't be done using Wi-Fi though.
I am NOT a Telstra employee and never have been. However, I AM a customer who volunteer's my time in the hope to help someone with their question.
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