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Telstra App and Plan problems


I have been trying to get into my Telstra account on the Telstra App, but It keeps saying 'ACCOUNT RESTRICTION' 'Your account does not have the appropiate security level to use this app'. What is that supposed to mean? What can I do?
Also, I payed for my new plan a few days ago, I've made many calls and many live chats, and my Internet is still not working, I have been told it is because of my phone model, but I'm desperate, I don't know what else to do. If there is no solution I will have to find a new provider.
Thank you, 
Zara Engelen 

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Level 24: Supreme Being

Re: Telstra App and Plan problems

The problem with the 24x7 app might be due to Telstra upgrading your account portal. See link below for details.


What type of Internet connection do you have? (ADSL, NBN FTTN, NBN FTTB, NBN HFC, NBN FTTC.....). I don't see how the model of your phone could effect your internet connection.

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