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Telstra messaging

Has anyone else had issues with the Telstra messaging service of the 24/7 app? I’ve been messaging them for weeks trying to get answers for why I’ve been having connection issues with my iPhone 11 Pro Max (which I found more help with from crowd support) and have gotten nowhere. First of all, the app is supposed to send notifications when Telstra replies as it’s not a livechat so I can’t sit in the conversation forever and wait. I have not one notification for this, meaning I’ve gotten side tracked and ended up having to verify my details to what felt like 50 people just for them to not address the issue at all. When I’ve spoken to the same person for a few messages they seem to not be familiar with anyone else experiencing the issue and have no solutions. They don’t seem proactive about wanting to help, I know there is other ways to contact Telstra and most likely get a better outcome which I will be doing when I get the chance, but I’m really just disappointed in this “support” service. Wondering if anyone else has had issues with Telstra messaging on the app. I’d like to see improvements made to the functionality of this service because it has potential to be a good way to contact support for busy people. 

*edit to add*
The last person that addressed the conversation immediately “resolved” the conversation immediately after they sent their message asking for me to verify my details. Nothing has been resolved and this feels like I’m being ignored. I read the message not even 20 minutes after it had been sent to me and they had already resolved the conversation.



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Re: Telstra messaging

As you've been having difficulty both with your iphone 11 and communicating with Telstra... the very  latest software should  improve your issues.

If not..... a complaint directly to Apple themselves is recommended.

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Re: Telstra messaging

It is actually Livechat (just using iMessage as the interface), so because you didn't reply for 20 minutes after the message was sent, they moved on to the next customer query.

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